Articles by Yha Shin

35 Perfect Minimalist Coffee Table Styling to Upgrade your Coffee Time

Coffee table styling is a bit of an art. Since coffee tables usually have prominent places in living rooms, it's important that they look good, but it's equally important that they function in the way they're supposed to. Displays like this one from Sarah Greenman need to be attractive without disrupting the flow of the rest of the space. Fortunately, coffee table styling is easy to master as long as you keep certain guidelines in mind. [...]

39 Amazing Modern Industrial Interior Design Ideas

You might wonder what industrial style is for interior decorating. It’s a quite popular trend that is inspired by old factories and industrial spaces. It was born because more and more old warehouses, barns, churches, and indutstrial buildings were converted into living spaces in recent years. The style is characterized by utilitarian surfaces, stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects. Almost in every industrial interior you’ll find rough weathered wood surfaces, exposed bricks, bare concrete elements, iron pipes and so on. The best thing about it that during a renovating process you can leave some surfaces unfinished and they could become interesting decor elements. [...]

38 Tips for Organizing Your Living Room on a Budget

Often times in a little space, one particular room has to serve many purposes. Think beyond the entire room to the way you could use portions the space you've got. Behind the door is a good method to use wasted space.An exceptional false ceiling with the appropriate recessed lighting can create a room-within-a-room easily. If you aren't a fan of employing a huge glass door, then smaller glass dividers are a fantastic substitute. Most living rooms have some sort of overhead lighting, which is later accented by table lamps or floor lamps for particular areas inside the room. [...]

39 Great Landscape for Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

Usually in contemporary garden designs, the entire garden is tied together using the hard landscaping and has a unity that is very angular. There are waterfeatures, stones, raised beds and built-in planters that are physically constructed into the garden with rendered walls and wooden bench inserts. These have the benefit of housing good soil for a strong growth of plants. This also helps in lifting the plants up to the eye level where they can be better appreciated. If your budget can’t strength to a built-in landscape and planters then there are contemporary planters out there that will fill the purpose of the built-in planters mentioned above. [...]

39 DIY Apartment Hacks Ideas on A Budget

I’m really proud of our current apartment. We’ve been living here for over a year and could not be happy more happy with our home. It was a standard white box when we moved in, but since then we’ve transformed it thanks to some simple hacks and smart decor purchases — none of which required any major alterations! [...]

38 Genius and Creative Flower Beds Garden Ideas

Building flower beds around a tree can add a beautiful and neat appearance to your landscaping. This process is relatively simple and is well worth the effort.Planting some flowers around a tree is a simple process, but still, there are some things that need to be considered. [...]

36 Creative DIY IKEA Hacks On A Budget

It’s so much fun to customize IKEA furniture because the pieces start out so wonderfully simple that they totally lend themselves to endless transformations. At this point, the “IKEA hack” has nearly become its own category of design because DIY IKEA hacks are so prevalent. [...]

35 Outstanding Rustic Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Marry the casual warmth and comfort of rustic style with the clean, serene and fresh look of contemporary décor and what do you get? The answer is modern rustic, and there’s a good reason it’s taking the decorating world by storm. Modern rustic isn’t Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin, and it’s not the stark look of minimalism, either. It’s a hybrid that takes the best of both worlds and turns them into a style that celebrates natural elements without ever becoming cluttered, uncomfortable or cut from the cookie-cutter mold of mass-produced furnishings. [...]