45 Beautiful Makeup Vanities Ideas

Found a great list of 45 beautiful makeup vanity ideas for you to browse today. I really like the one pictured above because it’s an all in one unit with two big towers for storage and a nice tall mirror.

The chandelier is a nice touch too but any style of light will do. This is one of those items where it’s really just a matter of seeing if you the room in your home for this big of a piece of furniture.

Anyway, the lights are the same as what I used for the oval mirror. To attach them to the new mirror, I unscrewed all the bulbs so the bulb bases could slip through the gaps of the frame and attach to the frame. Once the lights were clipped on (using the clips attached to the light bases) I screwed the bulbs back in.

Mornings are the time of day that are most hectic and when you have to get ready for the day, you would want a few peaceful and glorious moments for yourself, which will only ensure a better day. Well, for women, vanity tables can play a great role in that.

Putting on your makeup and getting ready in a jiffy or in a place that is quite a crowded corner of your bathroom can very well ruin your would-be-perfect day. However, a few vanity table ideas can sure improve not only your mornings but your entire day as well. You may either install a ready-made vanity table or opt for a few cool and chic ideas for the same.

This would be the perfect place for you to install a makeup vanity table of your dreams. Antique items often work best when you want to indulge yourself with vintage themed vanity table ideas. To further add comfort to your vanity table you can have a comfortable seating arrangement. Placing an ottoman or a comfortable cushioned chair will allow you, not only to sit comfortably but also get ready for your day in peace and without any hassle.

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